We Can Grind Just About Anything Out There

weather it is .001 stock to take off. or inches, 2 sided grind,4 side,6 side, flat, parrallel, square. It can be done here.



About Us

About Edward's Bay Area Blanchard Grinding

Edwards Bay Area Grinding has been in business for 20 years. We have over 40 years experience in Blanchard grinding, and from aluminum castings to 316 stainless steel, we have ran just about everything, even plastics. Most shops don't have the advantage we have. With saw cutting we can cut material .030" over and grind it faster with the Blanchard Grinder. We can rough and finish grind on Double Disc Grinders to get flatness and finishes. We also have a 100 HP Mattison that removes stock very fast. Here at Edwards Bay Area Grinding innovation is the key to our success. We use precision Kurt vises that have been matched ground to hold tight tolerances. We have 10x48x48" granite blocks to inspect your parts with precision gauge blocks on indicators. We will issue a certificate of compliance on any job at no extra charge.

Thanks to our saw cutting abilities we have the advantage over our comptetition. We cut material .030 over and get the rest done on the blanchard, witch makes the whole process quicker.